SuperCollider 3.5 Release!

This is the post from the SuperCollider mailing list.


finally 3.5 is out! it contains many new features and bugfixes. the highlights
are new help system, a new cross-platform gui and a new multiprocessor-aware
audio-synthesis server. for details, please consult the `News in 3.5′ section
of the new help system, which can be found online at:

source tarballs:

osx installer:

windows installer (should be used with gedit [1]):

thanks a lot to everyone that has been involved in this release!

cheers, tim

SuperCollider 3.5 -rc1

SuperCollider 3.5 beta series were released for few weeks, and now finally moved to rc1 version. Here I write the information;

hi all,

with today’s 3.5-rc1, we finally leave the `beta’ phase. we have to plan to do
one more release candidate before the final 3.5.0. please report bugs to the
sc-dev list or to the bug tracker at

please not that we have two different osx packages: a universal binary and a
32bit-only package, because the scapp has a known bug in 64bit mode.

source tarballs:

osx package (ia32/x86_64, requires at least 10.5):
osx package (ia32, requires at least 10.5):

git repository (3.5 branch):

cheers, tim

changes since 3.5-beta4:
Jakob Leben (30):
qtcollider: implement QView:-acceptsMouse
qtcollider: implement QStackLayout
qtcollider: simplify setting stretch and alignment of layout
qtcollider: QcGridLayout: prevent potential null pointer
help: update layout documentation
help: fix CompositeView documentation
help: document HLayoutView and VLayoutView
help: ScrollView documentation
qtcollider: QScrollView: implement missing ‘action’ and update
qtcollider: import QStackedLayout from Qt
qtcollider: adjust QStackedLayout for QtCollider
help: update StackLayout documentation
help: Knob documentation
help: SoundFileView documentation
qtcollider: QStackLayout: fix initial stack order
qtcollider: QStethoscope2: improve appearance
help: TabletView documentation
help: improve TabletSlider2D documentation
help: MovieView documentation
help: ScopeView documentation
help: document Bus:-scope
help: Stethoscope documentation
qtcollider: a work-around for gradient support
help: warn about missing Gradient and HiliteGradient support in
qtcollider: split QSoundFileView implementation into several
qtcollider: implement QSoundFileView:-setData
help: update SoundFileView documentation
help: WebView documentation
sclang: bind Ctrl-T to CmdPeriod
sclang: enable internal server on Windows

James Harkins (4):
Fix nasty infinite-loop bug in Buffer:sendCollection
Buffer:sendCollection ‘wait’ arg was used inconsistently; make it
\set example needs an \args key in the Pbind, or it’s
File.openDialog fix for different args between older SwingOSC and
other guis

Jonatan Liljedahl (15):
SCDoc: include MathJax for typesetting mathematics with math::
helpdocs: remove use of old formula:: tag
Buffer.schelp: add missing server argument in read example
(cherry picked from commit
sc_GetUserConfigDirectory(): add missing return statement.
Updated README for sced     (cherry picked from commit
QcApplication: set argv[0] to “SuperCollider”
Set Server.program only in *Platform’s startup. Don’t change cwd
of scsynth.
Updates to Server and Bus helpfiles     (cherry picked from
commit f62ea68939bd21c371588eb1f3c923a8b618c70b)
More updates to Server and Bus: synchronous bus access works also
for internal server.     (cherry picked from commit
SCDoc: don’t render empty method div’s     (cherry picked from
commit e04ac0175cffef7d2e39ec0c9a1f90936875fbf8)
String.schelp updates.
SCDoc: store toc pop-out state in persistent localStorage
(cherry picked from commit
Server.schelp: Document window GUI keyboard shortcuts.
(cherry picked from commit
sced3: clean up menu, add “raise all windows” item     (cherry
picked from commit fabe78ad7408f34867958b8bea1403a4d3a159b8)
String-runInTerminal: unify linux and osx implementation and
update docs

Scott Wilson (1):
Remove outdated references to OSCArgsMatcher (now private)

Tim Blechmann (17):
sclang: typesafe slot access for prArrayPutSeries
supernova: increase buffer size for cpu time measurement
sclang: increase udp receive buffer size
class library: FreqScope – expose FreqScope server and use it in
the Geko
sclang: fix bytecode generation for empty while loop
class library: Signal – don’t implement performBinaryOpOn methods
sclang: freePyrSlot – only free PyrObject
supernova: allocators – fix construct method
supernova: fixes for boost-1.49 and gcc-4.7
supernova: sc_synthdef – fix move semantics for unit_spec_t
supernova: add sanity checks for node position constraints
sclang: bytecode compiler – fix compilation of if without
supernova: osx – do not use thread-local storage for the trace
class library: Server – shutdown server interface on quit
external libraries: nova-tt win32 fixes
supernova: c_string – generate lock via boost headers
bumping version to 3.5-rc1

redFrik (3):
Help: Sweep example
minor: changed arFill to fill
SCImage helpfiles in scdoc format + image resources

Supercollider 3.5 Beta Second!

After one week of releasing SC3.5 beta, the second version of 3.5 beta was released at 21st of Jan.

I haven’t tried yet, but there are the bug lists fixed.

Here is the information;

one week after the first beta, we’ve uploaded a second beta release. is
contains some fixes to bugs. please test this release as good as possible and
report bugs to the sc-dev list or to the bug tracker at

source tarballs:

osx package (ia32/x86_64, requires at least 10.5):

git repository (3.5 branch):


changes since beta1:

Jakob Leben (4):
sclang: convert libsclang into a static library
qtcollider: define primitives without the use of static initialization
qtcollider: declare factories without the use of static initialization
class library: enhance GUI redirection

James Harkins (1):
Fix Ppar and many other patterns that change ~delta in the output event

Jonatan Liljedahl (6):
fix .app bundling on non-Qt builds on OSX
MIDIIn.schelp: fix broken links to UsingMIDI     (cherry picked from
commit 04f754b7cee3abb987f460de3c2edf92746cfd
SCDoc: avoid some uses of pseudo-methods     (cherry picked from commit
Boolean: fix help file, add asInteger and binaryValue
Improve setting of current SC version.
Add 10.5 compatible DS_Store to DMG (thanks redFrik)

Julian Rohrhuber (1):
iprove ProxySpace helpfile

Miguel Negrão (1):
class library: fix Font bug

Scott Wilson (3):
Bugfix for MIDIFunc
Doc correction
Workaround for HelpBrowser find in Cocoa

Tim Blechmann (13):
class library: osx – use cocoa gui if available, qt otherwise
class library: osx – evaluate startup files before generating gui
external libraries: update submodule (sse2 bugfix)
class library: fix deprecated Panner and XFade methods
Help: fix typo
cmake build system: default to RelWithDebInfo
Help: fix softclip example
class library: improve error handling of binary operators
trivial: remove trailing whitespaces from class library and help source
class library: PlusFreqScope – fix *response for shm scope
class library: Filter-scopeResponse – improve cleanup
class library: Filter-scopeResponse – improve server initialization
class library: Filter-scopeResponse – remove debug messages

crucialfelix (1):
moving qt extensions files from Common to QtCollider

redFrik (2):
iphone: File.exists temporary fix for failing primitive, fixed shared
memory, removed string extension loadPath
iphone: a few fixes to the xcode projects