SuperCollider 3.5 Release!

This is the post from the SuperCollider mailing list.


finally 3.5 is out! it contains many new features and bugfixes. the highlights
are new help system, a new cross-platform gui and a new multiprocessor-aware
audio-synthesis server. for details, please consult the `News in 3.5′ section
of the new help system, which can be found online at:

source tarballs:

osx installer:

windows installer (should be used with gedit [1]):

thanks a lot to everyone that has been involved in this release!

cheers, tim

Supercollider 3.5 Beta Second!

After one week of releasing SC3.5 beta, the second version of 3.5 beta was released at 21st of Jan.

I haven’t tried yet, but there are the bug lists fixed.

Here is the information;

one week after the first beta, we’ve uploaded a second beta release. is
contains some fixes to bugs. please test this release as good as possible and
report bugs to the sc-dev list or to the bug tracker at

source tarballs:

osx package (ia32/x86_64, requires at least 10.5):

git repository (3.5 branch):


changes since beta1:

Jakob Leben (4):
sclang: convert libsclang into a static library
qtcollider: define primitives without the use of static initialization
qtcollider: declare factories without the use of static initialization
class library: enhance GUI redirection

James Harkins (1):
Fix Ppar and many other patterns that change ~delta in the output event

Jonatan Liljedahl (6):
fix .app bundling on non-Qt builds on OSX
MIDIIn.schelp: fix broken links to UsingMIDI     (cherry picked from
commit 04f754b7cee3abb987f460de3c2edf92746cfd
SCDoc: avoid some uses of pseudo-methods     (cherry picked from commit
Boolean: fix help file, add asInteger and binaryValue
Improve setting of current SC version.
Add 10.5 compatible DS_Store to DMG (thanks redFrik)

Julian Rohrhuber (1):
iprove ProxySpace helpfile

Miguel Negrão (1):
class library: fix Font bug

Scott Wilson (3):
Bugfix for MIDIFunc
Doc correction
Workaround for HelpBrowser find in Cocoa

Tim Blechmann (13):
class library: osx – use cocoa gui if available, qt otherwise
class library: osx – evaluate startup files before generating gui
external libraries: update submodule (sse2 bugfix)
class library: fix deprecated Panner and XFade methods
Help: fix typo
cmake build system: default to RelWithDebInfo
Help: fix softclip example
class library: improve error handling of binary operators
trivial: remove trailing whitespaces from class library and help source
class library: PlusFreqScope – fix *response for shm scope
class library: Filter-scopeResponse – improve cleanup
class library: Filter-scopeResponse – improve server initialization
class library: Filter-scopeResponse – remove debug messages

crucialfelix (1):
moving qt extensions files from Common to QtCollider

redFrik (2):
iphone: File.exists temporary fix for failing primitive, fixed shared
memory, removed string extension loadPath
iphone: a few fixes to the xcode projects


SuperCollider 3.5 Beta Released

After 2 years of Supercollider 3.4, finally the beta version of SuperCollider 3.5 was released yesterday.

I have been compiling SC3 for a while, so that I have known what has been changed. But for the official version users, this might be fresh to experience.

The most noticeable change is the gui. (surely noticeable)

Now this gui is QT based, not cocoa based.

For instance, this is the help brower (Help.gui, or cmd+d in osx)

I personally dislike the white background, but now it can be fixed by correcting css file. This might be very comfortable for a user to search for their need. Especially when searching for a UGen, it also gives you all class definition and examples below, of course together with the description(explanation) of the Ugen itself.

Another nice part of the help browser is the auto-completion. When you type something on the search window, it will show the result of what you are typing in. It might be an easier for a person like me who forgets the name of the ugen or class name very often.

The startup file on ~/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/ should be changed to ‘startup.scd’ if you have ‘startup.rtf’ file.

I don’t remember by heart what important changes are there for now.

After I use this beta version for a while, I will update the post.


Oh, this is the download links and comment from the mailing list.

if you find a bug, please report to the mailing lists and/or file a bug report
at the better the description
and the easier it is to fix the bug, so providing a simple reproducer or a
minimal test case will help a lot.

source tarballs:

osx package (ia32/x86_64, requires at least 10.5):

git repository (3.5 branch):