Call for Handmade Music Amsterdam! Feb 17, 2010

 Call for Handmade Music Amsterdam! Feb 17, 2010


For the next Hotpot Lab we will be inviting Peter Kern from createdigitalmusic and will host a Handmade Music event. We would like to invite instrument builders, hackers and tinkerers to show their invention and self-built instruments. Send us an email if you want to participate!

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(studio for electro instrumental music)
(studio voor elektro instrumentale muziek)

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Digital Music Ensemble – Helicopter String Quartet

Helikopter-Streichquartett has been performed only three times in its original form. A full-scale production requires four large helicopters, each with a pilot, a live musician, and a sound technician inside, as well as an elaborate communications and audio-visual transmission apparatus.

Faced with the daunting task of mounting a performance of even one scene of this huge work, the Digital Music Ensemble decided to stage its own interpretation of the piece. Thus we are using model helicopters instead of full-scale ones, a quartet of electric guitarists in place of a string quartet, and we’re adding a live video processing dimension. Sonically, we have taken considerable liberties at variance with the printed score, as did Stockhausen himself on his recording with the Arditti Quartet (1995). We believe we have been true to the spirit of the piece.