Supercollider 3.5 Beta Second!

After one week of releasing SC3.5 beta, the second version of 3.5 beta was released at 21st of Jan.

I haven’t tried yet, but there are the bug lists fixed.

Here is the information;

one week after the first beta, we’ve uploaded a second beta release. is
contains some fixes to bugs. please test this release as good as possible and
report bugs to the sc-dev list or to the bug tracker at

source tarballs:

osx package (ia32/x86_64, requires at least 10.5):

git repository (3.5 branch):


changes since beta1:

Jakob Leben (4):
sclang: convert libsclang into a static library
qtcollider: define primitives without the use of static initialization
qtcollider: declare factories without the use of static initialization
class library: enhance GUI redirection

James Harkins (1):
Fix Ppar and many other patterns that change ~delta in the output event

Jonatan Liljedahl (6):
fix .app bundling on non-Qt builds on OSX
MIDIIn.schelp: fix broken links to UsingMIDI     (cherry picked from
commit 04f754b7cee3abb987f460de3c2edf92746cfd
SCDoc: avoid some uses of pseudo-methods     (cherry picked from commit
Boolean: fix help file, add asInteger and binaryValue
Improve setting of current SC version.
Add 10.5 compatible DS_Store to DMG (thanks redFrik)

Julian Rohrhuber (1):
iprove ProxySpace helpfile

Miguel Negrão (1):
class library: fix Font bug

Scott Wilson (3):
Bugfix for MIDIFunc
Doc correction
Workaround for HelpBrowser find in Cocoa

Tim Blechmann (13):
class library: osx – use cocoa gui if available, qt otherwise
class library: osx – evaluate startup files before generating gui
external libraries: update submodule (sse2 bugfix)
class library: fix deprecated Panner and XFade methods
Help: fix typo
cmake build system: default to RelWithDebInfo
Help: fix softclip example
class library: improve error handling of binary operators
trivial: remove trailing whitespaces from class library and help source
class library: PlusFreqScope – fix *response for shm scope
class library: Filter-scopeResponse – improve cleanup
class library: Filter-scopeResponse – improve server initialization
class library: Filter-scopeResponse – remove debug messages

crucialfelix (1):
moving qt extensions files from Common to QtCollider

redFrik (2):
iphone: File.exists temporary fix for failing primitive, fixed shared
memory, removed string extension loadPath
iphone: a few fixes to the xcode projects



  1. And the third beta in this moment. The information is below.

    a bit more than a week after the last beta, we have 3.5-beta3. it contains
    quite a number of bug fixes, the most visible change (literally) is the new qt
    style support. please test this release (especially the qt-gui part) as good
    as possible and report bugs to the sc-dev list or to the bug tracker at

    source tarballs:

    osx package (ia32/x86_64, requires at least 10.5):

    git repository (3.5 branch):

    happy testing,

    changes since beta2:

    Dan Stowell (1):
    Include a header file required for build on mac 10.4

    Jakob Leben (28):
    qtcollider: a little refactoring
    qtcollider: compatibility with mouseOverAction
    qtcollider: QLevelIndicator: fix clipping indication timeout
    qtcollider: fix window icon loading due to static linking
    qtcollider: improve drawing of several views
    qtcollider: improve QPalette and color setters/getters
    qtcollider: clean up and improve Slider styling
    qtcollider: enhance QSlider size hints
    qtcollider: fix QPalette:-button_
    qtcollider: QKnob styling
    qtcollider: enhance QRangeSlider size hints
    qtcollider: QLevelIndicator: enhance drawing
    qtcollider: add QLevelIndicator:-background
    class library: ServerMeter: adjust colors for Qt GUI
    qtcollider: QMultiSliderView improvements
    qtcollider: QPalette reimplementation
    qtcollider: improve Slider and RangeSlider size policy
    qtcollider: modify QRangeSlider interaction
    qtcollider: draw less gradient where “button” color is used
    qtcollider: tiny style improvements
    qtcollider: improve predefined palettes and apply the light one
    by default
    qtcollider: QButton styling and some general improvements
    qtcollider: set Plastique style by default on all platforms
    qtcollider: use palette for background of user-paintable views
    qtcollider: be more verbose when data type conversion fails
    qtcollider: QRangeSlider: revert to old Shift + Drag behavior
    qtcollider: improve QKnob drawing
    qtcollider: fix QSlider and QRangeSlider drawing on Mac OS

    James Harkins (4):
    Bracketing whitespace fixes
    Add “hasShmInterface” method (return is Boolean)
    Add redir. Stethoscope2; Stethoscope automatically uses
    Stethoscope2 if valid
    Bugfix: Error in a routine on appclock hides the routine’s stack

    Jonatan Liljedahl (13):
    remove gremlin (cherry picked from commit
    sced3: configure correct version (cherry picked from commit
    OSCFunc: open the udp recv port automatically (if not already
    Main: rename customPorts to openPorts, since it includes the main
    langPort (cherry picked from commit
    Main.schelp: fix typo (cherry picked from commit
    Object.schelp: a couple of fixes (cherry picked from commit
    QView: add fixedWidth_ and fixedHeight_ (cherry picked from
    commit dee44a938dbc3d22f7af06465f53a9376f524f3f)
    add SimpleNumber-asSize, similar to asPoint (cherry picked
    from commit 7ba6445d7fae85b7ab13a4fc509c2e6783c21a95)
    osx: standalone build fixes (cherry picked from commit
    Move configured -> SCVersion/
    OSX: Bundle everything inside the .app, except examples/, README,
    ChangeLog.txt, etc.
    OSX: install libs into bundle explicitly
    update version to 3.5-beta3

    Joshua Parmenter (3):
    some changes to code to compile with cakes Xcode project.
    add OS check for delegates on OS X
    Merge branch ‘3.5’ of
    into 3.5

    Miguel Negrão (1):
    OSX: Fix cmake -DSC_SYMLINK_CLASSLIB=ON and add symlink for
    HelpSource too.

    Patrick Borgeat (2):
    ugens: check reverb ugens for valid input rates
    schelp: add help for hasShmInterface

    Tim Blechmann (14):
    win32 compile fixes
    class library: OSXPlatform – initialize Document before startup
    readme: linux – update dependency list
    Revert “Serial: avoid deadlock in destructor”
    sclang: SerialPort/AlsaMidi/LID – prevent deadlock
    class library: deprecate fontID
    supernova: don’t lock local buffers
    class library: remove Buffer-*readExample
    Help: CompositeView – hide key method
    Pan UGens: correctly round index into sine table
    supernova: sc osc interface: /b_close fixes
    sclang: lockLanguageOrQuit – linux fix
    supernova: dlopen – improve error reporting
    sclang: lockLanguageOrQuit – fix generic fallback

    tkatchev (1):
    Small compile fixes for Win32 and MinGW.

  2. And this is beta 4. Released yesterday (5th/Feb)

    hi all,

    i hope we got rid of some more bugs since the last beta … please test the
    package as much as possible, as i’d like to do the final release on the next
    weekend … please report bugs to the sc-dev list or to the bug tracker at

    source tarballs:

    osx package (ia32/x86_64, requires at least 10.5):

    git repository (3.5 branch):

    happy testing,

    changes since beta3:
    Andrzej Kopeć (1):
    qtcollider: QView: add -onMove and -onResize

    Dan Stowell (1):
    ldconfig/sudo mention (cherry picked from commit

    Jakob Leben (12):
    qtcollider: completely override palette polishing by the style
    qtcollider: be more verbose when failed to get a property
    qtcollider: improve Button drawing
    class library: fix GUI kit selection in String:-draw[…]
    qtcollider: do not deprecate QKnob:-color yet
    help: QPalette documentation
    qtcollider: implement data type conversion for numeric arrays
    qtcollider: QMultiSliderView: improve value storage
    qtcollider: refresh user-drawing on palette change
    SCDoc: improve selection between parenthesis in code blocks
    qtcollider: improve QKnob interaction
    qtcollider: add QLineLayout:-insert and update documentation

    James Harkins (8):
    NamedControl: Convert name strings into symbols
    Server:doWhenBooted – tell the server window to show “inactive”
    Add ‘onFailure’ argument to waitForBoot/doWhenBooted
    fix String:wrapExtend to fill out to the actual requested size
    DeprecatedError now tries to post the calling method
    Fix error handling in EventStreamPlayer: need to reset the
    wrapper stream too
    Change PG_03 discussion of rests to use Rest()
    QView:resize_ did not set the variable, so aView.resize always
    answered 1

    Jonatan Liljedahl (5):
    cmake: remove “COMPONENT app” from install of binaries.
    Add String-shellQuote to make shell-friendly pathnames.
    SCDoc: use shellQuote instead of escapeChar($ )
    SCDoc: remove a couple of more uses of Event pseudo-methods.
    (cherry picked from commit
    Allow compiling with readline on OSX if version is new enough.

    Patrick Beard (2):
    schelp: fix spaces in Mix helpfile
    fixed deprecation warning in NumChannels

    Tim Blechmann (3):
    sclang: file primitives – putChar typesafety fix
    plugins: DelTapWr – ensure that buffer is cleared correctly
    update version to 3.5-beta4

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