Happy New Year + !!

It’s 2015!! I wish all who visit here happy new year! And please people who try to spam here, you too happy new year! (but please stop!)

I’d like to greet you with a video clip that I was involved as a sound designer. This is a test video for animation and sound. Thijs Geritz did the animation and I did the sound design, and we are willing to produce more such works.

About the sound, every sound was made in SuperCollider, sea wave and wind sound as well digitally produced with noise generators and filters. Some sound that has pitches was done with Supercollider Synthdef together with MIDI control. The final editing was done in Logic pro.

Enjoy the video, and hope we make more soon!

Catch Of The Day from Thijs Geritz on Vimeo.



quince라는 프로그램인데 독일에서 개발되었네요.

주로 믹싱작업이나 채널위주로 되는게 아니라 single채널에 여러 이벤트들이 모여 소리를 디자인 하는데 사용되는 듯 합니다.

장점은 공짜라는것/비디오 믹싱 가능하다는것/그리고 macro개념이 아닌 micro개념으로는 디테일 할것 같다는것입니다.



더 많은 사항은 홈페이지를 확인하세요. :http://quince.maximilianmarcoll.de/

quince is a program, similar to a daw, for editing time-based data on the mac (at least os 10.5).
major features include:
– the paradigm “tape-recorder – mixing desk” is broken: there are no
channels. arbitrary numbers of objects can be layered, thus displayed
and edited, on top of or next to each other.

– nested object-trees: each event may contain arbitrary numbers of
events which themselves may contain any number of events and so on.

– all the functionality is implemented in a plug-in structure with an
open API. adding custom plug-ins requires a minimum of code.

– combined functions: using the function composer, function plug-ins can
be combined into functionGraphs, enabling you to create powerful and
complex tools with just a few clicks.

– although quince was developed to serve musical purposes,
theoretically, not only audio but video and every other time-based data
type can be edited in quince. all it needs is a corresponding plug-in.