MacCsound 1.5

오랜동안 Csound를 놓고 있었는데 MacCsound가 업데이트 된지 몰랐네요.

2006년 이후로 개발이 중단되어 시스템이 업그레이드 되면서 더 사용하기 힘들었는데

좋은 소식입니다. 이미 아시는 분들도 계시겠지만 ^^;

다운로드 사이트 입니다.

CECILIA 4.1b for OSX,Windows & Linux


CECILIA  for OSX,Windows & Linux (v 4.1b)

•   e a r   b e n d i n g   s o n i c s   •

The legendary front-end and sound production platform for the Csound language is back in an fresh new set of duds. Cecilia was first launched in 1996 to take advantage of the then emerging real-time audio capabilities of Csound. It has seen a number of iterations since then, because, well, nothing quite does what it does as well as it does. Cecilia is a complete sound production environment for the adventurous audio designer. It proposes dozens of complex and troubling sound-processing modules that invite the composer to revisit the notion of what constitutes spirited sonic matter.

Beyond these highly desirable qualities, Cecilia is also known to cause mild skin rashes and turn small dogs into pickles.

Cecilia is free. Thus you cant complain if it hurts your feelings. But, with due diligence, Cecilia will bring smiles and good cheer to the most jaded musical mind.

Download here:

The number to dial for sending flattering or disparaging remarks  is:

WinXound 3.3.1 released (Windows, OsX, Linux)

Hi All,
a new version of WinXound for Windows, OsX and Linux is ready
for download at:

For the Linux version, there are two precompiled version (32 and 64 bit)
for Ubuntu 10.04 and the source code too.

The source code is based on the Gnome Toolkit (GTK+) and written in C++
using the gtkmm libraries.

To compile from the source code:

1) Before to compile WinXound you need to install:
– gtkmm-2.4 (libgtkmm-2.4-dev) >= 2.12
– vte (libvte-dev)
– webkit-1.0 (libwebkit-dev)

2) To compile WinXound open the terminal window, go into the
uncompressed “winxound_gtkmm” directory and type:

3) To use WinXound without installing it:
make standalone
[Note: WinXound folder must be located in a path where you have full
read and write permission.]

4) To install WinXound:
IMPORTANT: Don’t use the “make install” command, because in this beta
version it is incomplete. For the moment use WinXound in the
“standalone” version.

Let me know…