Ircam Musical Research Residency 2011-2012

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Attention: Deadline September 30th (midnight Paris time)

Call for Projects 2011-2012: Musical Research Residency Program

Submission Deadline:    September 30, 2010
Details and submission procedure:

The musical research residency is neither a pure scientific program, nor a commission for an artistic production; but halfway in between. We encourage artists, composers and musicians who wish to carry experimental research related to their artistic endeavors along with researchers and computer musicians at Ircam. Submission is online and open to all participants regardless of age or nationality. Each project will be evaluated by a panel of experts including researchers, artists and computer musicians. Upon nomination, each laureate will be granted a residency at Ircam during a specific period (three to six months) and in association with a team/project at Ircam. In addition, laureates receive an equivalent of 1200 Euros per month to cover expenses in France.

Information on past edition & musical research at Ircam (ICMC 2010 Report):

2 Researchers Position / Ircam / Quaero Project

 Ircam recruits two Researchers under limited-term contract of 18 months and full-time

From April 1st, 2010

Introduction to IRCAM

IRCAM is a leading non-profit organization associated to Centre Pompidou, dedicated to music production, R&D and education in acoustics and music. It hosts composers, researchers and students from many countries cooperating in contemporary music production, scientific and applied research. The main topics addressed in its R&D department include acoustics, audio signal processing, computer music, interaction technologies, musicology. Ircam is located in the centre of Paris near the Centre Pompidou, at 1, Place Igor Stravinsky 75004 Paris.

Introduction to Quaero project

Quaero is a 200 M€ collaborative research and development program focusing on the areas of automatic extraction of information, analysis, classification and usage of digital multimedia content for professionals and consumers. The research work shall concentrate on managing virtually unlimited quantities of multimedia and multilingual information, including text, speech, music, image and video. Five main application areas have been identified by the partners:

1.       multimedia internet search

2.       enhanced access services to audiovisual content on portals

3.       personalized video selection and distribution

4.       professional audiovisual asset management

5.       digitalization and enrichment of library content, audiovisual cultural heritage and scientific information.

  The Quaero consortium was created to meet new multimedia content analysis requirements for consumers and professionals, faced with the explosion of accessible digital information and the proliferation of access means (PC,  TV, handheld devices). More information can be found at

  Role of Ircam in Quaero Project

In the Quaero project, Ircam is in charge of the coordination of audio/music indexing research and of development of music-audio indexing technology: music content-description (tempo, rhythm, key, chord, singing-voice, and instrumentation description), automatic indexing (music genre/style, mood), music similarity, music audio summary, chorus detection and audio identification. A specificity of the project is the creation of a large-music-audio corpus in order to train and validate all the algorithms developed during the project.

  Position description

Researchers would be in charge of the development of the technologies related to

·         music-audio content description/ content-extraction: tempo and beat/measure position estimation, key/mode, chord progression, instrument/drum identification, singing voice location, voice description

·         music automatic indexing into music genre, music mood

·         music similarity: especially on large-scale databases

·         music structure discovery, automatic music audio summary generation, chorus location

Researcher will also collaborate with the evaluation team who evaluate algorithms performances and with the developer team.

  Required profile

·         Very high skills in audio signal processing (spectral analysis, audio-feature extraction, parameter estimation)

·         High skill in audio indexing and data mining (statistical modelling, automatic feature selection algorithm, …)

·         High-skill in large-database search algorithms

·         Good knowledge of Linux, Windows, MAC-OS environments

·         High-skill in Matlab programming, skills in C/C++ programming

·         High productivity, methodical work, excellent programming style.


According to background and experience


Please send an application letter together with your resume and any suitable information addressing the above issues preferably by email to: peeters_a_t_ircam dot fr with cc to vinet_a_t_ircam dot fr, rod_a_t_ircam_dot_fr, roebel_at_ircam_dot_fr