New Release: Time-Folding V.3.4 on magNIP


Last summer in Korea, I had this great opportunity to make a mini album published by New.In.Paper‘s magNIP series, finally it came out today (4th/Sep/2016) in Korea!

One of my live performances ‘Time-Folding V.3.4,’ performed at 7th Feb, 2015 in Rotterdam,  is in this small acrylic magnet, and one can listen to the music through the QR code on the back part. Only 40 copies have been printed as it is a special release,  and the price is from 10$ or more.

I’m going to receive 20 copies in The Netherlands soon, planning to sell it and the price will be donation based. If you are interested, you can visit the website below.

Recording of ‘Jing’ for Jing and Computer

Here I would like to share one of my pieces called ‘Jing.’

This was composed in 2010, quite challenged piece, and I worked together with the percussionist ‘Mei-Yi Lee.’

Everything was written on score (sample below) and the live electronics was done with SuperCollider.

The recording was made with two microphones, (Thanks to Kassen and Rob) and it was very challenging due to the characteristics of the instruments and how the composition itself was aimed. More specifically, the range of the dynamic goes from Zero to .. I don’t know.. easily up to 120 db. I was having a hard time when I was right beside the instrument in order not to change my facial expression because it was just really really loud.

We needed to record several times because of this, avoiding clipping, and very small editing was involved because of the soft parts.

Of course live music should be heard in live for sure. But it was a happy moment when we finally managed to finish this recording, and now I can share with many more people.

Oh, by the way, Jing is a Korean percussion that is used in many other occasions especially in rituals. It has both a very gentle warm, embracing base sound to very hard crazy complex noise. So that I wanted to show all the character, and the percussionist is shown as he/she is communicating and triggering it. So in the piece, Jing is answering, expressing, angry, and so on. It has its own personality. Electronics is used for this conversation and also help to create what moods it is going to be.

I hope anyone who reads this can enjoy the piece. Thanks!