SuperCollider 3.4.2, released

Hi all –

SuperCollider 3.4.2, released March 2011, is a bugfix release.

Mac OSX downloads:
Source code downloads:

Since SuperCollider 3.4, we’ve found and fixed quite a few bugs –

including an important “garbage collection” problem which could cause

the language to crash in some rare instances, and a cleanup of the

regular-expression methods. We recommend users of 3.4 to upgrade to


More details on the wiki:


SC3 on IDevise

Recently I was working on compiling SC3 for iphone. (I have an ipod touch 3g)

and finally I succeeded to install the SC application!!


I used xCode 3.2.4, and iphone SDK 4.1. I tried first the new version of xCode (4.0) but for me who is not really experienced with coding on xCode, it was like a hell. So I downgrade, and tried to followed the instruction.

You can download the source codes and xCode project for SC application via git. (

and I followed instruction from this post :

There were several issues. Especially on frameworks/choosing the right version/getting familiar with the setup on xCode.

I don’t know how useful it will be. but now I can code a bit on train, and on bed without the laptop on my belly, and we’ll see what can come out.

well, yes I am also worried about my eyes too.

SC3 Tip : 마우스 클릭시 단어선택(osx)

수퍼콜라이더에서 오래전 시스템 버전 업 이후 단어를 클릭할때에 단어가 아닌 문장으로 선택이 되어서

Help파일로 넘어갈때 불편했지요.

예를들어 SinOsc.ar에서 SinOsc만 선택해야 하는데, 늘 .ar까지 선택이 되는 경우죠.

이것을 바꾸려면,

System Preference로 가서, Language&Text로 가서 Text 탭에서 Word Break를 Standard 에서 English로 바꾸어 줍니다.

간단했는데 그동안 너무 불편했네요 ^^;