SuperCollider 3.5 -rc1

SuperCollider 3.5 beta series were released for few weeks, and now finally moved to rc1 version. Here I write the information;

hi all,

with today’s 3.5-rc1, we finally leave the `beta’ phase. we have to plan to do
one more release candidate before the final 3.5.0. please report bugs to the
sc-dev list or to the bug tracker at

please not that we have two different osx packages: a universal binary and a
32bit-only package, because the scapp has a known bug in 64bit mode.

source tarballs:

osx package (ia32/x86_64, requires at least 10.5):
osx package (ia32, requires at least 10.5):

git repository (3.5 branch):

cheers, tim

changes since 3.5-beta4:
Jakob Leben (30):
qtcollider: implement QView:-acceptsMouse
qtcollider: implement QStackLayout
qtcollider: simplify setting stretch and alignment of layout
qtcollider: QcGridLayout: prevent potential null pointer
help: update layout documentation
help: fix CompositeView documentation
help: document HLayoutView and VLayoutView
help: ScrollView documentation
qtcollider: QScrollView: implement missing ‘action’ and update
qtcollider: import QStackedLayout from Qt
qtcollider: adjust QStackedLayout for QtCollider
help: update StackLayout documentation
help: Knob documentation
help: SoundFileView documentation
qtcollider: QStackLayout: fix initial stack order
qtcollider: QStethoscope2: improve appearance
help: TabletView documentation
help: improve TabletSlider2D documentation
help: MovieView documentation
help: ScopeView documentation
help: document Bus:-scope
help: Stethoscope documentation
qtcollider: a work-around for gradient support
help: warn about missing Gradient and HiliteGradient support in
qtcollider: split QSoundFileView implementation into several
qtcollider: implement QSoundFileView:-setData
help: update SoundFileView documentation
help: WebView documentation
sclang: bind Ctrl-T to CmdPeriod
sclang: enable internal server on Windows

James Harkins (4):
Fix nasty infinite-loop bug in Buffer:sendCollection
Buffer:sendCollection ‘wait’ arg was used inconsistently; make it
\set example needs an \args key in the Pbind, or it’s
File.openDialog fix for different args between older SwingOSC and
other guis

Jonatan Liljedahl (15):
SCDoc: include MathJax for typesetting mathematics with math::
helpdocs: remove use of old formula:: tag
Buffer.schelp: add missing server argument in read example
(cherry picked from commit
sc_GetUserConfigDirectory(): add missing return statement.
Updated README for sced     (cherry picked from commit
QcApplication: set argv[0] to “SuperCollider”
Set Server.program only in *Platform’s startup. Don’t change cwd
of scsynth.
Updates to Server and Bus helpfiles     (cherry picked from
commit f62ea68939bd21c371588eb1f3c923a8b618c70b)
More updates to Server and Bus: synchronous bus access works also
for internal server.     (cherry picked from commit
SCDoc: don’t render empty method div’s     (cherry picked from
commit e04ac0175cffef7d2e39ec0c9a1f90936875fbf8)
String.schelp updates.
SCDoc: store toc pop-out state in persistent localStorage
(cherry picked from commit
Server.schelp: Document window GUI keyboard shortcuts.
(cherry picked from commit
sced3: clean up menu, add “raise all windows” item     (cherry
picked from commit fabe78ad7408f34867958b8bea1403a4d3a159b8)
String-runInTerminal: unify linux and osx implementation and
update docs

Scott Wilson (1):
Remove outdated references to OSCArgsMatcher (now private)

Tim Blechmann (17):
sclang: typesafe slot access for prArrayPutSeries
supernova: increase buffer size for cpu time measurement
sclang: increase udp receive buffer size
class library: FreqScope – expose FreqScope server and use it in
the Geko
sclang: fix bytecode generation for empty while loop
class library: Signal – don’t implement performBinaryOpOn methods
sclang: freePyrSlot – only free PyrObject
supernova: allocators – fix construct method
supernova: fixes for boost-1.49 and gcc-4.7
supernova: sc_synthdef – fix move semantics for unit_spec_t
supernova: add sanity checks for node position constraints
sclang: bytecode compiler – fix compilation of if without
supernova: osx – do not use thread-local storage for the trace
class library: Server – shutdown server interface on quit
external libraries: nova-tt win32 fixes
supernova: c_string – generate lock via boost headers
bumping version to 3.5-rc1

redFrik (3):
Help: Sweep example
minor: changed arFill to fill
SCImage helpfiles in scdoc format + image resources


  1. And this is 3.5 Rc2

    i hope this is the final release candidate before 3.5 is out. we’ve been able
    to fix a number of bugs, especially the cocoa/escape bug that caused some
    troubles with earlier binaries in 64bit mode. HID on osx is still broken, but
    we will release 3.5 without a fix, as no osx dev had been able to track down
    the issue.
    this time, we also have a win32 installer: it does not come with any editor,
    but it ships with a plugin for gedit [1].
    and osx users may be happy to hear that there is also an updated package of
    sc3-plugins binaries …

    so, please test … if all is working well, we will have a final 3.5.0 next
    weekend …

    source tarballs:

    osx package (ia32/x86_64, requires at least 10.5):

    sc3-plugins/osx binary:

    windows installer (win32):

    git repository (3.5 branch):

    cheers, tim


    changes since 3.5-rc2:
    Dan Stowell (3):
    update deb package info in README_linux (cherry picked from
    commit 41ee63085d563c7b4810670a25d32f95662f5fb9)
    ServerOptions: different input & output device names only works
    on osx
    clarify Gate input – not really a “trigger” like Latch
    (cherry picked from commit

    Jakob Leben (34):
    qtcollider: fix namespace usage for Windows
    scsynth: allow overriding audio backend on Windows
    scsynth: remove the VST backend and related cruft
    cmake: support user-defined Readline dependencies
    cmake: support user-defined libsndfile dependencies
    qtcollider: be more verbose when QObject construction fails
    qtcollider: make QcSlider a direct subclass of QWidget
    class library: EZSlider – fix creation without a label
    cmake: support user-defined pthreads dependency
    cmake: fix supernova dependencies on Windows
    cmake: supernova win32 compile fixes
    cmake: supernova – missing include_directories() for Jack
    add WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN preprocessor definition to the whole
    supernova: swap for

    class library: QStethoscope2 compatibility with Stethoscope
    sclang, qtcollider: defer “cmd-period” invoked from readline
    qtcollider: QSoundFileView: add dummy ‘elasticMode’ for
    qtcollider: QcSoundFileView: be more verbose when failed to load
    help: improve SoundFileView documentation
    qtcollider: QStaticText:-string: use ‘asString’ on the argument.
    sclang: make Readline available on Windows
    sclang(win): remove a busy-waiting loop under mimicry
    import simplejson-2.3.2 for sced configuration
    simplejson: fix relative imports
    port sced to Windows
    NSIS windows installer
    qtcollider: QSoundFileView: allow toggling zoom while mouse
    qtcollider: add QSoundFileView: -alloc and -set
    qtcollider: QSlider: bring back mouse wheel response
    class library: move win extension into
    class library: fix String:-openOS on windows
    class library: fix system overwrites recognition on Windows
    cmake: do not install on Windows
    sced(win): improve SuperCollider menu
    James Harkins (9):
    Hiding/swapping example broken: used a redundant ‘add’ call, now
    Psync help lacked a description (needed as it’s potentially
    a couple more Psync help improvements
    Dept. of incomplete documentation: what if BufDelay* needs to be
    Control bus sync errors should throw real errors, not use the
    error() method
    More error vs Error().throw cleanups
    Clarify meaning of rq in BPF help.
    Fix duplicate-response bug: you cannot call MIDIIn.addFuncTo
    again and again!
    ClassBrowser choked on classes (like CombL) that inherit all
    their methods

    Jonatan Liljedahl (3):
    include correct readline include dir in lang/CMakeLists.txt
    SCDoc Search: sort methods by name
    SCDoc: Ignore some more methods by default.

    Lucas Samaruga (1):
    scdoc: minor *Select* corrections

    Patrick Borgeat (2):
    help: InTrig does not work with setSynchronous
    schelp: minor fixes for Thread

    Sciss (4):
    plot view breaks if GUI kit is switch. fix by storing the GUI kit
    in Plotter, and reading that from Plot.
    catch-22 with the string methods in SCPen — they call into
    String which in turn uses the current GUI kit and not
    necessarily cocoa. Fix by calling directly into the cocoa
    another catch — when converting the font from the plot skin,
    make sure the font name exists, otherwise cocoa can crash
    same type of catch-22: SCPen color setters need to call directly
    into cocoa primitives. with this fix, we can have multiple
    plotters with different kits, they all stay functional and

    Scott Wilson (5):
    Fix stupid c+p mistake in OSCdef help
    Fix for ESC bug
    Remove unnecessary and outdated header
    Clean up copyright notice
    Fix for resolveRelative

    Tim Blechmann (43):
    sclang: shm interface – fix Bus-setSynchronous
    sclang: win32 compile fix
    supernova: sc osc handler – improve type checks for /b_gen
    supernova: osc messages – fix /b_gen bug
    supernova: osx build fixes
    class library: ResponseDefs – whitespace cleanup
    class library: ResponseDefs – add OSCdef and MIDIdef *freeAll and
    improve doc
    plugins: Convolution – fix plugins for uninitialized buffers
    plugins: Convolution – avoid crash in destructor
    plugins: Convolution – prevent off-by-one issue
    plugins: Convolution – more off-by-one fixes
    plugins: Balance2/PanB2 – avoid buffer reuse issue
    external libraries: impove script
    external libraries: update boost to 1.49 svn snapshot
    scsynth: do not release input buffers to demand-rate ugens
    supernova: do not release input buffers to demand-rate ugens
    plugins: binary ugens – correct zero, firstarg and secondarg
    class library: DUGen – the server now handles audio-rate inputs
    supernova: jack backend – improve xrun handling
    supernova: helper threads – use same priority as other jack
    supernova: implement portaudio backend
    supernova: rename portaudio.hpp to portaudio_backend.hpp
    supernova: audio backends – unify common code
    supernova: jack backend – compile fix
    win32: do not define _WINSOCKAPI_
    supernova: win32 – include “malloc.h” for alloca
    supernova: win32 – avoid the OUT macro
    supernova: buffer manager – add uint typedef
    common: win32utils – compile fix
    supernova: require portaudio on win32 or apple
    win32: require at least windows 2000
    supernova: include missing header
    supernova: c++11 compile fixes
    supernova: link with portaudio
    supernova: align wire buffers by cache-line boundaries
    class library: fix SimpleNumber-keyToDegree
    sclang: slotOneWord – PyrSlot typesafety fixes
    sclang: compile fix
    sclang/class library: move String.scDir to Platform-resourceDir
    sounds: load sounds from Platform.resourceDir instead of Help.dir
    scdoc: improve Platform documentation
    sclang: full type-safety for printing objects
    bump version to -rc2

    redFrik (4):
    scdoc: minor fix in Main helpfile
    scdoc: very minor fixes
    scdoc: minor changes and new initAction example in Document
    scdoc: typo in Main

  2. 3.5-rc3

    hi all,

    i don’t think we are quite ready to release 3.5.0, so it might be better to do
    another release candidate. there seem to be some issues with scapp, that are
    most likely related to 64bit, so for now we will provide only a 32bit dmg.

    so again, please test … if all works well with this rc, we can do the final
    release very soon.

    source tarballs:

    osx package (ia32, requires at least 10.5):

    sc3-plugins/osx binary:

    cheers, tim

    changes since 3.5-rc2:

    Dan Stowell (1):
    Explicitly include a boost “windows” folder even on linux
    (cherry picked from commit

    Jakob Leben (8):
    cmake, sclang: build MIDI primitives on Windows
    win-installer: add uninstaller
    class library: Quarks Qt GUI: allow missing quark ‘summary’
    help: fix the Env:-blend example
    help: simplify Dialog:*openPanel example
    cmake: simplify selection of sced version
    qtcollider: actually pass the native key code to key actions
    help: what’s new in Qt GUI

    James Harkins (3):
    Ensure prOpenUDPPort returns a boolean in case of error
    Remove outdated SynthDef:send uses in the getting started series
    Protected backtrace: don’t print all of a very long sourceCode

    Jonatan Liljedahl (10):
    README_OS_X: fix typo (cherry picked from commit
    Methods.html: don’t redirect to Search page, bring back the old
    plain method listing.
    Some OSC helpdoc fixes. (cherry picked from commit
    Added start of “News in 3.5” help doc.
    Help: cleaned up and restructured some categories
    HelpBrowser: fix find-text-box for Qt
    schelp: fix syntax errors (cherry picked from commit
    more schelp syntax fixes (cherry picked from commit
    Document some ‘secret’ syntax (cherry picked from commit
    some more scdoc syntax corrections in the docs (cherry picked
    from commit 4ffaa5f40315701df31dcc4505ff05e7b515fd04)

    Joshua Parmenter (2):
    Info.plist fix to save text files with other extensions
    Merge branch ‘3.5’ of
    into 3.5

    Lucas Samaruga (1):
    Ppar.schelp typo

    Nick Collins (2):
    fix KeyTrack to work with LocalBuf (cherry picked from commit
    Merge branch ‘3.5’ of
    into 3.5

    Sciss (2):
    fix color commands for SCKnob, so they use cocoa.
    remove button colors from quarks gui (cocoa + swing)

    Tim Blechmann (11):
    sclang: deep freezer cleanups
    sclang: PyrDeepFreezer – bug fixes
    sclang: pyrslot type safety for Signal-fft
    plugins: Convolution2L – fix crash
    scdoc: updating changelog & add PparGroup help files
    scdoc: update news file
    external libraries: yaml-cpp version bump
    external libraries: update to boost-1.49.0
    qtcollider: don’t cache PyrSymbol
    supernova: fix /c_fill handler
    bumping version to 3.5-rc3

    crucialfelix (11):
    add GridLines and DrawGrid classes
    add grid variable to ControlSpec, use for calculation of
    looseRange and calcRange
    Plotter: use DrawGrid for drawing the gridlines
    fix issue with .plot not respecting minval and maxval
    clean up indentation and spacing
    updated Plotter.schelp for plot2 -> plot changes
    fix: .plot should accept minval/maxval as an array for the
    channels: [0,0,0]
    QVLayout does not have spacing_ while SCVLayoutView does :
    protect using tryPerform
    ObjectGui help file
    .debug is not in crucial any more, correcting helpfile
    fix deprecated method: forwarding method was wrong, should be

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