SC3 on IDevise

Recently I was working on compiling SC3 for iphone. (I have an ipod touch 3g)

and finally I succeeded to install the SC application!!


I used xCode 3.2.4, and iphone SDK 4.1. I tried first the new version of xCode (4.0) but for me who is not really experienced with coding on xCode, it was like a hell. So I downgrade, and tried to followed the instruction.

You can download the source codes and xCode project for SC application via git. (

and I followed instruction from this post :

There were several issues. Especially on frameworks/choosing the right version/getting familiar with the setup on xCode.

I don’t know how useful it will be. but now I can code a bit on train, and on bed without the laptop on my belly, and we’ll see what can come out.

well, yes I am also worried about my eyes too.

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