WinXound 3.3.1 released (Windows, OsX, Linux)

Hi All,
a new version of WinXound for Windows, OsX and Linux is ready
for download at:

For the Linux version, there are two precompiled version (32 and 64 bit)
for Ubuntu 10.04 and the source code too.

The source code is based on the Gnome Toolkit (GTK+) and written in C++
using the gtkmm libraries.

To compile from the source code:

1) Before to compile WinXound you need to install:
– gtkmm-2.4 (libgtkmm-2.4-dev) >= 2.12
– vte (libvte-dev)
– webkit-1.0 (libwebkit-dev)

2) To compile WinXound open the terminal window, go into the
uncompressed “winxound_gtkmm” directory and type:

3) To use WinXound without installing it:
make standalone
[Note: WinXound folder must be located in a path where you have full
read and write permission.]

4) To install WinXound:
IMPORTANT: Don’t use the “make install” command, because in this beta
version it is incomplete. For the moment use WinXound in the
“standalone” version.

Let me know…


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