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Csound를 배우는 유용한 웹사이트를 소개합니다. 더 쉽게 csound를 접근할 수 있도록 했다고 하니 공부하시는 분들은 방문해보시면 좋겠네요~

Hi all –

as a contribution to make Csound easier to learn, and to make it easier to share knowledge about Csound, we (= a couple of Csounders) have started a free online Csound Textbook. Thanks to Rory’s tip, we situated it on the FLOSS Manuals site. In our neighbourhood, we have manuals and textbooks about PD, Audacity, Ardour, or Gimp, Processing, VLC and others.

This is the address:

Until now, we have more or less finished the following chapters/sections:

So, though it is not finished, it may be useful right now. And:

If anyone wants to come in and help this project growing: please do!!! (And don’t believe if you see a chapter declared as “complete”: there is certainly something to do.) It is very simple: just register at the site, and then you can correct what you read, you can add something or you can start writing a chapter. I think everyone who wrote so far, experienced the way of collaborative working here as very productive and satisfying. Writing is a joint process, you can just start, even if your english is not good, because there will be anyone who will read and correct. This is the same for examples.

So both, feedback and contributions, is very much appreciated. If someone wants to add new chapters or sections, this is also possible. Perhaps in this case it would be good to cantact me or someone of the editor’s group (http://en.flossmanuals.net/bin/view/Csound/WritingConventions) to keep the outline in consensus.

I feel very happy about the progress we have so far, and learned a lot from the contributions (Andrés, Rory, Iain, Davis, François, …). Many thanks also to Richard Boulanger who supported this project and helped discussing the outline.

Best –


NYU Software Synthesis + The Csound Blog

NYU에 계신 Jean-Luc Cohen-Sinclair란 분이 csoundblog를 운영하는군요.

앞으로 사운드 관련 강의와 토론등에 더 집중할것이라고 합니다.

Csound하시는 분들께 좋은 자료가 될것 같네요.


아래는 정보 원본입니다.

Jean-Luc Cohen-Sinclair, adjunct faculty of music at NYU Steinhardt’s
School of Culture, Education and Human Development and Jacob Joaquin,
creator of the Csound Blog, are collaborating to design a unique
computer music course with an online counterpart that will accentuate
in-class lectures, discussions and demonstrations.  The duo will focus
on classic computer music techniques both in terms of synthesis and
composition, but will also cover some of the more recent techniques
and development in the field.

Web communities are a fact of life in today’s connected world of
real-time communications. Bringing Csound into this context, students
will learn that it is far more than an application for audio
synthesis, and that it is part of a living-breathing culture with a
rich and colorful history that exists without regional borders.

We invite the international Csound and computer music communities to
actively participate this semester to help educate and promote our
shared computer music roots.

Starting Monday at The Csound Blog.