MaxMSP: Dronerator

MaxMSP: Dronerator


A simple semi-generative granular/additive drone generator.

The concept was simple, random grain lengths ranging from micro-time (milliseconds) to macro-time (seconds-minutes).
The code consists of one generator consisting of a sine wave of random frequency windowed by metronomic envelope:
random density
semi-random shape
random length
This generator is contained within a poly~ object that when multiplied produced x amount of unique generators.
the range of the random algorithms are tamed by the remote data feeding into the poly~ object.


-by  Christopher

csound~ v1.0.7


csound~ v1.0.7 is available at:

Here’s a list of changes:

– If ksmps evenly divides the Max signal vector size, [csound~] will
 process audio with zero latency.

– chn string channels are now supported.

– Default message output interval is now 1ms (was 50ms).

– Added “interval x” message (x is milliseconds).
 With this message, user can control the rate of message output from
 NOTE: “overdrive 1” overrides “interval”. 

– User can specify attributes and add the Csound message to the
 [csound~] argument list.

– Fixed rare bug related to “loadsamp”.

[sfmarkers~] version 0.4.0 released

Max/MSP externals


Returns the list and number of markers present in a sound file. The position of the markers is available in ms or sample. It works with WAVE, AIFF and sdII files in pre Max5 versions.

Max/MSP 5.0, Mac only

  • v0.4.0, Universal Binary, SDII support removed

Max/MSP 4.6 or later, Mac only

Max/MSP 3.5.9 up to Max/MSP 4.5.7, Mac only

  • v0.3.5, loops defined in WAVE files added
  • v0.3, SDII format added
  • v0.2.2, AIFF and WAVE

-reference :