Announce: Csoundo Processing Library

I’m happy to announce the first release of Csoundo, a Processing
library for Csound.

Csoundo Repository @ Github

Download Csoundo

This has only been tested on OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard. In fact,
it ships with the OS X csnd.jar, so it might work for anyone on OS X
out of the box, once you install Csoundo into your Processing
sketchbook ‘libraries’ folder (see the README for details).  For other
platforms, you’ll need to replace the csnd.jar file with your system’s
csnd.jar file. Not sure if it’ll work on Windows or Linux, but I’d
love to hear either way.

It comes with three examples: A mouse theremin, f-table to graph and a
visualization experiment.

Thanks to everyone who has been helping me out here on the list and
over private email. I will definitely include a ‘special thanks’ in
future releases.


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