c74 app update, now also for iPad!

c74 has finally been updated to version 1.4, adding lots of new
objects, features and bug fixes. The update requires you to download the
v1.4 external. Please make sure that Max won’t still use the old one
(so delete the previous version). A full list of changes :

Fixed :
– Appearance on sliders
– Better multitouch support for screen background
– Some bugs regarding the image commands
– Path issues on images

Added :
– iPad support, app is now Universal.
– multislider object
– XY object
– kslider object
– textedit object
– messagebox object
– umenu object
– Webbrowser object
– Font support
– Microphone attribute, sends the iPhone/iPads average microphone value.
– Menu attribute, hide the menu triangle at the bottom of the screen.
– Rotate attribute, prevents the app from rotating screen content
– App now sends interface orientation
– Ability to query url’s (e.g. content of php file) with url message
– sfrecord message that records audio of a given duration on the iOS
device (currently only in .caf format, which can’t be read by neither
buffer~ or sfplay~ …)
– sfplay message that plays audio on the iOS device

Known issues :
– Grabbing images might cause c74 to disconnect, memory issues (on iPhone 4)
– sfrecord message is in an experimantal stage.

To be added in v1.5 :
– gyroscope support (implementation will end compatibility with iOS 3.2)
– poll rate on sensors
– forward remote device data (for instance headset buttons)
– suggestions ?

Some links :
http://www.itunes.com/apps/c74 Link to the iTunes store
http://www.nr74.org/c74/c74v14.zip This is where you’ll find the new external
http://www.nr74.org/c74/c74v14.pdf Often requested, a manual on how to connect and play with c74 (includes list of objects/commands)



Bonk#~가 새로 등장했네요. 자세한 사항은 아래를 참조하세요

Miller Puckette and I are happy to release Bonk3~, and updated version
of Bonk~. It’s pretty configurable, and I find better results with
this than the previous version. Don’t ask me what happened to Bonk2~,
we’re still figuring out how to deal with it emotionally.

For right now it is available on my site at http://www.barrythrew.com/software/
, and should be available on Miller’s site at some point in the not so
distant future. There is a make file for pd there as well. Works under
Max 4 and 5. Source is there because thats how I roll.

The object is complied for Mac UB, and will compile for Windows,
although I haven’t done it. If anyone does, send it over and I will
include it in the package. My general M.O. is not to care about
Windows until forced by Adam Smith’s invisible hand.

Ted Appel also did some work on this, and Ben Bracken stumbled upon
the solution to a strange bug I had. Mad props.

Please send me bug reports. There probably are some.


barry threw
Media Art and Technology

San Francisco, CA
Work: 857-544-3967
Email: bthrew (at) gmail (dot) com
Web: http://www.barrythrew.com